Born in 1982 in Opoczno. Graduated from the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2007). Completed her diploma project at Professor Jarosław Modzelewski?s painting studio and her annex project in photography under the supervision of Professor Grzegorz Kowalski. Began her photography studies at the Direction of Photography Department of the Łódz Film School in 2018. Photographer, painter.

Practiced figure skating since 2009, with considerable successes at amateur competitions. Laureate of the Young Poland Scholarship Programme of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in 2009. Finalist of biennales, festivals and contests such as Fish Eye (2006, 2011), Bielska Jesień (2007), Warsaw Festival of Art Photography (2007), Siemens Fine Art Award contest (2007), Art Supermarket (2007).

Works in home and abroad collections e.x. Dietrich Mateschitz, Luciano Benetton Collection: Imago Mundi collection.
Here works were shown at Preview Berlin Art Fair 2012.

How far does the truth lie from fiction? I shift this boundary
as I wish. Doesn?t what was imagined, brought from behind that
boundary, look true? Don?t objective facts transformed into
the matter of art become universalised or even mythologised by
art? I build the reality of my photographs by analogy to the
real world, at the same time making use of the artistic
potential of tools. I don?t refrain from breaking the rules
but rather consciously emphasise the cracks in the presented
world. I want the viewer to get lost, to be misguided where
the documentary value of the photographs ends and where the
creation begins. I make the human - the creator of the world
of myths and the originator of events - the hero of my works.
Usually, I place myself in front of the lens. I assume the
role of a mother, a goddess, or an Olympic champion, each time
affirming successive incarnations of femininity, focusing on
the strength and sensitivity of my heroines. But not only. By
touching on the problem of corporeality, I?m looking for an
alternative for inconvenient facts and uncomfortable
positions. Body as a source of suffering but also pleasure, it
is present, real, unretouched. The rest is added to the body.
It is not the body that resides in various settings, it is the
surroundings that are adapted to successive incarnations. The

existence takes place outside the time category, but this does
not deprive it from authenticity.
If I contend with history, I subject it to subjective
correction, I bring it to the world of imaginations.
I take photos also of my family, addressing the topic of
closeness and the associated corporeality, as well as
relations and the resulting burdens. Although I most often
work behind the lens, I remain a painter mentally. I treat
photography as a tool (similarly as installation, performance,
video, or drawing).

Solo exhibitions:
2019 Personal space, Pracownia Duży Pokój (workshop large room), Warsaw
2017 40 weeks, Program Gallery, Warsaw
2016 Housecleaning, Stroboskop Gallery, Warsaw
2015 Stilleven, Program Gallery, Warsaw
2015 Neue Gebiete, (with Michał Szuszkiewicz), Museum Junge Kunst, Frankfurt Oder
2015 Illusion, Przystanek Kultura Galley, Piaseczno
2014 Pictures from the family album, Spectra Art Space, Warsaw
2013 Stworzenie Świata/ The creation of World (with Mchał Szuszkiewicz) Wizytująca Gallery, Warsaw
2012 Po godzinach/ After-hours Baszta Czarownic, Baltic Gallery, Słupsk
2012 Legenda/ The Legend (with Michał Szuszkiewicz), Studio Gallery, Warsaw
2008 Polowanie na myśliwce/ A hunting for jet-fighters, Gallery Promocyjna, Warsaw

Selected group exhibitions:
Inner Life: The Bump, Art Scene of 19th New Horizons International Film Festival, Wroclaw
FORCE FIELD Emerging Polish Artists, Oficine 800, Fondamenta San Biagio 800, Giudecca, Venice
Body Works, PGS, Sopot
The Son of Man Machine, EL Gallery, Elbląg
"Man-machine", Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery, Ustka
"Są różne sprawy", Stefana Gierowski Foundation, Warsaw
Subjects of gender and desire, In the Abott?s Palace, National Museum in Gdansk
Self-Love, PGS National Art Gallery in Sopot
EX_Y Representations of Contemporary Masculinity, Cydonia, Dallas, USA

Beyond time, Spectra Art Space, Warsaw
Love Hotel, Ego Gallery, Posen
Small is big, Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw
Derealizm/ Derealism, Galeria Miejska Wroclaw
Beyond time, Spectra Art Space, Warsaw
Małe jest Wielkie/ Little means great, Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw

Subjects of gender and desire. Photographic collection of Joanna and Krzysztof Madelski, Municipal Museum in Łódź
Dlaczego nie wszyscy kochamy przygody? Opowieść o Janku Dziaczkowskim, Centre of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw,
Sick art, Jerozolima Space, Warsaw

Rybie Oko 6/Fishy Eye 4, Youth Art Biennale, Gallery Kameralna, Słupsk
Naughty Children of Alfred Jarry, Galerie Story Hotele, Berlin, Germany
Naughty Children of Alfred Jarry, Real World Gallery, London, Great Britain
Atrakcja malarska/ Painting Attraction, Witryna , Madrid, Spain
In dark woods Hang-ART7 edition 17. Polska; Salzburg , Austria

Fontainebleau, Centre of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw
Łódź Design, Gallery-Youngs, Łódź
A Picture of the Public Space, Gallery of Contemporary Art Profil CK Castel, Posen
9th International Competition Self-portrait, Regional Museum, Stalowa Wola

A Trophy, BWA Galley, Zielona Góra,
Painting Attraction, Gallery Witryna, Warsaw,
The Body/ The Geometry, Kowalski Atelier, BWA Gallery, Zielona Góra

38th Painting Biennale An Autumn of Bielsko, BWA Gallery, Bielsko-Biała,
(Im)mortal Love -Art Supermarket, Warsaw
Finalists Siemens Artistic Prize Competition, Siemens Headquarter, Warsaw Artistic Photography Festival, Media Galley of The Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw

Rybie Oko 4/Fishy Eye 4, Youth Art Biennale, Baltic Art Gallery, Ustka
Magazyn sztuki cz. II/ An Art Storage part 2, Gallery Wizytująca, Warsaw
Farba z nosa/ A Paint from the Nose, Gallery Kuluary, Centre of Culture Studio, Warsaw

European blue - young generation, Grygorii Synytsia Gallery, Kiev, UK
Sąsiedzi dla Sąsiadów/ Neighbours for the Neighbours, "Nuku"Atelier, Warsaw
Merci pour les fruits, Gallery Kuluary, Centre of Culture Studio, Warsaw